You have the choice.

Nanobots or no nanobots?

They are robots the size of blood cells. They are released into your bloodstream. They can control your emotions, regulate your weight, maintain your health and turn you into a nicer person than you really are. 

Most people will say yes, if they can afford it. Surely the benefits outweigh the risks. And by the time we discover the risks we’ll be able to find solutions to them anyway. Technology will move so fast that keeping up will not be an option. Just let the experts tell you what you need and follow the instructions. 

And that’s a tiny fraction of what’s becoming possible. 3D printed food, including meat, is already on the way. Automated organic farming exists right now. Space mining and tourism, unlimited free energy, converting trash into new materials – these are easy. 

And then there are human beings. Those quaint old-fashioned relics of the past, almost neanderthal in their appearance. Primitive, emotional, sick, ugly, aggressive – disgusting. 


So it appears we’re in a race.

It’s a race against ourselves. It’s a race to optimise ourselves, to reach our highest potential, to go beyond the limitations of today. That’s surely a good race, one we have to win.


But at what cost? 

In today’s highly medicalised world I can get sick, have treatment and get better. Sometimes it doesn’t work like that. I get sick and I don’t get better. I have a lot of treatment and I get worse. I have even more treatment and that treatment causes me to need even more treatment until I can’t take it any more. I join the ranks of the chronically ill and my quality of life is severely curtailed. This eventually happens to almost everyone. it’s just a question at what age.

Unless I happen to take a different route. I learn that illness is a natural healing process. I discover that I’ve been living an unnatural lifestyle which is why I got out of balance and that I can recover by changing the way I live. I explore new beliefs about my health that directly contradict what the medical experts told me. The interesting thing is that not only does my health get better, but I gain so much more. I become a richer person for the experience. I learn how to prevent illness in the future. I learn to treat myself and others better. I realise that my journey of healing has transformed my life. I’m even grateful that I got sick.


Now let’s take that further.

Let’s imagine that we’re able to master our health through this new, strange way of learning rather than treatment – until we no longer get sick. And let’s imagine that we teach people how to manage their own emotions so they’re able to experience happiness, joy, contentment and inner peace at will. And let’s imagine that people explore how to heal relationships that are hurting rather than throwing them away . 

And let’s go much further than that. Imagine that we invest as much in developing human beings as we do in technology. That for every dollar invested in space travel, automation or AI, the same amount is put into educating us to stretch ourselves way beyond what we currently believe we’re capable of. Imagine if all that talk about manifestation is true and we can develop superpowers and be extraordinarily creative.

Why on earth would we worry about machines taking over our jobs? We’d have something far more important to do than work like slaves for pay cheques. We’d be busy collaborating with one another to create better and better experiences of life for each other. Playing with our abilities. Tussling with challenges. Doing things that matter. Caring about life. Creating better and better worlds. And we’d be doing it because it’s better than what we do now.

Could we do that with nanobots? No way.


My mission question

How can you and I have the greatest experience of being human in the face of rapid technological evolution?

Or “Who am I?”

I’ve developed a 7 step framework through which anyone can explore this question and develop their own unique answer and extraordinary expression of life. It activates their true or original self, whilst allowing them to keep evolving and developing higher and higher capabilities. I call it Prime Activation.

So far I’ve taught Prime Activation as a 12 week course and a 40 week course. I intend to develop each step of the framework so it’s far more accessible and can be taught to different populations, for example children, nurses, entrepreneurs, leaders, gamechangers etc.

Through Gamechangers GO I’m learning how to deliver highly engaging education without having to teach it all myself. It then becomes scalable. This is a real challenge and I want to find ways to do the same with the entire Prime Activation framework.

My next step is to explore business models to find one that has integrity with the intent of my work and my own values. I’m reading “How to Create a World Without Poverty” and I expect this will give me the essence of the answer.

In my wilder dreams I want the financial capacity (or the personal influence) to support investment in research and new organisations that take this work further, For example, new forms of entertainment that enliven and energise us, music that heals (for real), restaurant owners who put love into their food (even if it’s cooked by robots) so all their clients feel beautiful after eating, superpower training, and many more.


And in conclusion

I recognise that one of the best things I can do in all of this is introduce people to have a different kind of conversation. I know that the way we talk is profoundly important because it is one of the most powerful ways we create. I love to create conversations where people feel they’re experiencing something new. Where they come away feeling energised, challenged and yet more at peace with the world. Conversations that are entertaining (far better than going to the movies), exhilarating (at least as good as surfing) and expanding.

My main role, as I move forward, is to create Conversations Beyond Intelligence. I will do this in many ways, as a public speaker, in my learning communities and in my home. I will start by creating a monthly Zoom meeting called Conversation Beyond Intelligence. I will bring a topic each month that will be unusual, challenging and fascinating. We will discuss the topic in small and/or large groups. It will be free, and people will be welcome to introduce new people into it. It won’t be for dealing with personal stuff (I have other forums for that), but for asking and answering the big questions that we will be facing in the coming 30 years. My wish for it is to attract people who are truly engaged with these questions to create new and radically improved versions of life that will affect many generations to come.



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Sarah’s work is driven by an overarching mission question: “How can you and I be fully human in the face of automation, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies?” This is why she wrote the book, Energy On Demand: Master Your Personal Energy And Never Burn Out. It’s why she founded the Gamechangers GO program to stimulate people to lead with wisdom, purpose and integrity. And it’s why she loves to speak and train people to access their greatest energy and potential. It all started when she was at Cambridge University studying philosophy. She was disappointed that the focus was on intellectual pursuit rather than life itself. That was followed by 4 years as a school teacher and 10 years interviewing children all over the world for BBC Radio, which brought her up close to many of life’s biggest questions, but left her without any answers. So she went on a search for knowledge about how to live life. She trained for 22 years with two Chinese masters, sought spiritual experience from Western teachers, created several purpose-driven businesses and has coached business owners and leaders in UK, USA, Australia and elsewhere for 20 years.'

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