Prompt 9 – What is a GameChanger?

Prompt 9 – What is a GameChanger?

We’ve talked so much about the spiritual discipline needed to change the game. But ultimately that inner transformation needs to result in something. GameChanging is an act. This prompt is about doing.

Success requires a bias towards action. You learn far more by doing the thing than contemplating the thing. Be both a Dreamer AND a Doer. The process of questioning, testing, and play is essential for getting better at living your Mission Question. Without experimentation and contintually learning new skills, you won’t grow into the GameChanger you want to become.


Create a Udemy course together titled “How to be a GameChanger.” The purpose of the course is to spread the idea of GameChanging and offer people a learning experience that gets them interested in participating in Gamechangers GO. In the process, you will begin the GameChanger Community of Practice by coming to agreement on terms. This project will (1) define the community and make it concrete, (2) give us practice in working together, i.e. ACTING, as a beloved community, and (3) help recruit the cohort of GameChangers coming behind you.

Have a look at Seth Godin’s courses on Udemy that work in a similar way for his altMBA program. They are good examples.

Some tasks for you to think through:

  1. What is the result we want from the course, i.e. what do we want the learner to DO?
  2. What are the metrics that indicate success or failure?
  3. What is the curriculum that will result in those metrics?
  4. What are the group roles needed to get this project done? 
  5. Who has the expertise for those roles? Do they have the time and energy to volunteer for them?

Sarah and I have imagined a 9 module short course. You can use this as a guide and take it where you want.

  • What is a GameChanger? Offer a definition.
  • Give examples of GameChangers that fit the definition. Gandhi, MLK, Elon Musk etc. Is Trump a GameChanger? Why or why not?
  • Elements of GameChanging: seeing a problem/opportunity offering a vision of the future, and inspiring others to connect to each other around that vision
  • What is the game you want to change?
  • What’s your vision of the future? Can you write it in a way that inspires others? It doesn’t have to inspire everyone, just the people that matter. Make one great sentence.
  • What are the obstacles to you changing the game? 
  • what are the INNER obstacles to you changing the game?
  • The inner game is where everything starts. What’s the inner game? Is it finite or infinite?
  • Summary – this is a project of GameChangers GO Cohort 1. Cohort 2 starts first week of March.
This project could be overly difficult and hard. Or, if you do it right, it could be quite simple and a wonderful experience. Choose ways to make it the latter. Making a beautiful and effective learning tool is an essential skill for any GameChanger to extend their influence. Think about how this project applies to your Mission Question. 
What you need to know about Udemy courses:

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