Prompt 8: A Community of Practice

Prompt 8: A Community of Practice

This is the last prompt and we return to the idea of community.

We end the course portion of GameChangers GO by studying community for two reasons. First, communities are more effective than individuals in changing the game. We need more tools for changing the game to enlist others. Second, we have an open question about how you want the GameChangers GO community to continue, how it will support you as you live out your Mission Question. We need your input and energy for it to continue to serve your needs.

Part 1: Community, Practice, and Praxis

Read this entire article about communities of practice

A community of practice is a group who shares a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.

A community of practice is a great framework for thinking about how to continue GameChangers GO. In particular, communities among practitioners create a direct link between idea and action. We return again to the idea of integrity: DOING what you believe in. Read about the concept of praxis cycle of thought, action, and reflection here and here. You learn how to change the game more effectively as you learn from each other (the CoP), act (your game), and reflect (both personal and clearness committees). 

Important thing to keep in mind: Everything you have learned in the last 8 weeks are ideas and beliefs. But turning them to PERFORMANCE is the actual living your life with wisdom, purpose, and integrity. Can GCG help you remain accountable to that?

Preparation: In your final group session, you will be discussing and planning how our GCG community of practice needs to be built, how it will support you to do what you believe in. Beforehand, read the guiding questions in the GROUP SESSION section below and have notes ready so we can use the time wisely.

Part 2: Manifesting your Inner Life  

GameChangers GO has to be a special community of practice, a Beloved Community based on living with a wholeness that encompasses both your inner and outer life. Our two-fold goal is (1) living with wisdom, purpose and integrity, and (2) manifesting that inner life outward into changing the game.

Manifesting your inner life is ultimately a spiritual exercise. In the last two weeks, we have been talking about the importance of doing, as a matter of integrity. But we end our 8 weeks by circling back to the central importance of doing inner work first. The major social change movements in the 20th century all began with the inner transformation of the heart. Below are inspirational articles about Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Nelson Mandela. They all prepared themselves from within first before going out to transforming the world. Their spiritual discipline was loving first, then acting. That is how you change the game.

(N.B. There are many links in the following section, some to longer research studies, others to shorter articles. Pick and choose what you want to read – and come back to them again when you have more time.)

Can you look at what happened yesterday and tell yourself a new story of what is possible tomorrow? Can you maintain the spiritual discipline and accountability to do what you say? How will the GameChangers GO community help you do that for the long term? And how will you help others do the same?

Group session:

  1. Game changing is about making a long term commitment to something you care about. In the group each person should talk about (1) a time where you set a goal and failed to achieve it and why, and (2) a time where you set a goal and succeeded and why. (60 minutes).
  2. GameChangers GO was created for you to live into wisdom, purpose, and integrity. You become what you think about. How will you keep thinking about wisdom, purpose, and integrity with the same depth and intention as the last 8 weeks? We need to make GCG a community of practice. What should GameChangers GO be? The Australia session should create a charter document that works through these issues. Make it a Google doc and share it on Slack with the U.S. session before they start 14 hours later. The U.S. session will revise it and post the final version in Slack for general comment.(90 minutes)
    • What is the domain, the community, and the practice? Be as concrete as you can.
    • Look at the activities that communities of practice engage in. What appeals to you?
    • Is GCG a community of practice for inner work or for outer work? How?  Be concrete. For example, do we want clearness committees and how often? Writing and commenting? About what?
    • “Communities of practice enable practitioners to take collective responsibility for managing the knowledge they need, recognizing that, given the proper structure, they are in the best position to do this.” What is the proper structure GCG needs? How willing are you to share responsibility for managing the knowledge you need?
  3. Spend time doing appreciations for each other. Set aside five minutes for each person. Start with a moment of silence. Then tell that person what makes them unique, what you’ve noticed about them, what contribution did they make. This is a wonderful way to close out 8 weeks of being together. (30 minutes)


  • Go back to the goal that you set in Week 7. Looking back at your previous failed goals and successes, what will it take to commit to this goal:
    • What do you need to change?
    • What do you need to put in place support you?
    • Who do you need to support you?
    • What is the inner work to do this?
    • What will you do when things get hard?
    • How could you self-sabotage yourself?
    • What safeguards do you need against that?
  • Write a reflection on what you’ve gotten from GameChangers GO. How have you grown in these last 8 weeks? This needs to turn into a story of where you go from here. Write a better story for yourself. Post it publicly somewhere as to commit to the changes you’ve wrought within.
  • On your own, do one last round of 1-1 connection to another GameChanger. Whose do you feel you could learn something from and who you could offer something to? Connect with them on Slack and arrange a meeting. 

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