Prompt 7: Integrity – Living your Mission

Prompt 7: Integrity – Living your Mission

Week 6 was a big one, revealing the games you play internally and externally, furthering your hero story into the future, and exploring your relationship with money. You probably did not explore it all all fully. In fact, you might have avoided certain parts that were uncomfortable to you. This week’s assignment is to review Prompt 6 (Purpose), engage with it deeply, and then plan for action. Purpose + Action = Integrity. Without action, there is no integrity; you are just an empty suit of good intentions. 

The confluence of money and purpose is a complex and fluid relationship in our lives. Read this Brain Pickings article about money and value.  In particular, pay attention to Melbourne Business School philosopher John Armstrong’s psychological framing of money.

“One’s relationship with money is lifelong, it colors one’s sense of identity, it shapes one’s attitude to other people, it connects and splits generations; money is the arena in which greed and generosity are played out, in which wisdom is exercised and folly committed. Freedom, desire, power, status, work, possession: these huge ideas that rule life are enacted, almost always, in and around money.”

How we frame our relationship with money one of the most important inner games we play. If money is a game, can you play the infinite game? The purpose of money is for you to flourish, i.e. “getting on with the things that are important for you to do, exercising your capacities, actively trying to “realize” what you care about and bring it into life.” Flourishing brings a sense of both serenity and buoyancy and is a deeper, more transcendent state than simply happiness. Watch the Tambourine Guy. This is what flourishing looks like. 

The prize of living out your Mission Question is a connection between your purpose, your time, and your money. After all, money is just a tool to wealth, i.e. the ability to do what you care about. In GameChangers GO, we talk about changing the game. One of the games you change is your inner game of money. To deepen your understanding, read Zen philosopher Alan Watts on the difference between money and wealth.

How can you live out your Mission Question to increase your wealth?


  • Reread on Prompt 6, your post, the comments you received, and your addendum. Reflect on what you missed or what you avoided.
  • Prompt 7 is about ACTION. Integrity is DOING what you believe: planning, gathering resources, and then executing. So this week’s assignment is going to be to make a goal that furthers your mission and make a plan. We are going to use a framework from Seth Godin’s altMBA, Zig Ziglar’s 7-step method here and here. You can find Zig’s worksheet here. Come PREPARED with a rough draft of the first 5 steps of your plan.
  • Watch this video on how great leaders start with their inner WHY. You can inspire others by clearly and powerfully stating your purpose and your personal mission. 

GROUP SESSION (times approximate, but use your time wisely)

  • Discuss what you have learned after completing the Prompt 6 assignment and getting feedback, what you feel like you missed the first time through. What did you avoid? (30 minutes)
  • Powerfully express the WHY of your mission question. How do you feel when you express it? As a group member, give feedback. Does their WHY hit you and inspire you? Help them improve it. Does their WHY connect with the mission question they wrote last week? Make sure their WHY and their mission question create a compelling hero narrative that guides and propels them into the future. (60 minutes)
  • Discuss your goal and your 7-step plan for executing it. Is your goal audacious without being unrealistic? What fears and inner obstacles do you have about this? Think about how other GameChangers might help you. (90 minutes)


Your assignment is two parts.

  1. Write a reflection on Prompt 6 given the additional resources in this prompt and your deepening understanding of games, purpose, and money. Focus on things you missed or avoided.
  2. Following Zig Ziglar’s framework, write and commit to a plan that lives out your mission question.

Integrity is when your outer actions comport with your inner self. GameChangers DO their purpose. What are you and your integrity committing to?

Assignment due Tuesday at midnight.

P.S. As you do comments on other people’s posts this week, consider how might you be able to help them. People will do the same for you!

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